High feed prices have been an issue for all livestock producers during 2021-2022 period. Rare and British breeds of pigs are no different to commercial producers in suffering in this area.

In order to help producers avoid falling into pitfalls of feeding the wrong feed, both nutritionally and legally Kingsgate were pleased to join AHDB (Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (Home | AHDB)), BPA (British Pig Association (Home (britishpigs.org.uk))) and RBST (Rare Breed Survival Trust(Rare Breeds Survival Trust (rbst.org.uk))) to  produce an educational webinar on feeding pigs.

The main aim was to encourage producers to stay legal and not feed kitchen or catering waste to their animals, by providing alternative ideas on what and how to feed to their animals. It worked on feeding to body condition score as well as reviewing raw materials that may be available to them. Watch | Facebook